Frequently Asked Questions


When do you meet?
Circle K Meetings are every Tuesday at 8:00 pm in Student Center Room 2225.

What is Circle K all about?
Auburn Circle K is an international co-ed service organization that is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Auburn. Circle K clubs focus on the three tenets of service, fellowship, and leadership. We’ve divided up the rest of this page according to the three Circle K tenets for your convenience.

How do I become a member?
Please visit the Become a Member link which details the requirements of our members. Each new member is required to pay $40 in dues for the entire year. You may turn in your dues at the weekly Circle K meeting or through the website. We accept payment of dues through cash, card, and check. Checks should be payable to “Auburn Circle K.”

What does my dues money go towards?
Circle K is an international organization and your dues go towards paying international, district, and club dues. Your dues provide resources like a magazine and scholarship opportunities, in addition to paying for club necessities like transportation and service project supplies. We also use the money to have fun social events throughout the semester for all dues paid members!


How do I sign up for service projects?
Visit our online Calendar. You can then browse projects each month and you can also click the project name to view a brief description of the project, time, meeting location, and contact person. Plus, you can also sign up at the weekly meeting.

Are there service hour requirements?
Yes, we encourage you to take part in at least six service hours per month, but the great thing about Circle K is that you can perform service according to how it fits into your schedule. If you’re busy one month, take some time to focus on your schoolwork. If you have a slow month, sign up for multiple projects and have a blast!

How do I submit my service hours?
Just click on this link:
This link will take you to our Service Hours Google Form. Just fill it out and hit submit!

What types of projects does Circle K perform?
There are numerous service projects each week varying in date, time, and type. We have projects spanning a wide range of interests including children, health, elderly, hunger, housing, and and caring for the environment. If you do not find a project that interests you or if you have a new project idea, please contact our Vice-President. They can help you set up a project for the whole club to join in on.

What organizations does Circle K work with?
Visit our Projects page. You will find a description of many organizations we work with, a link to their website, and some example projects we have performed with that organization.


What leadership opportunities are available to Circle K members?
Circle K members can join one of several different committees. For a complete list of committees and descriptions, visit our Committees Page. Circle K also holds a leadership conference each year called Alabama Leadership Academy to develop your leadership skills, inform you about club positions, and allow you to meet other club leaders from across the state.

How can I be on a committee?
Members must fill out a short application and be interviewed prior to being placed on a committee. If you have any questions about the committee system, please contact the Club President.


How can I meet more people in Circle K?
Circle K has social events so that you can get to know fellow members. Weekly socials are held after every Circle K meeting. We also hold monthly socials like free bowling nights and “family game nights” In addition, Circle K participates in several intramural sports teams that you can join. Beyond socials, service projects and committee membership are also great ways to meet people within Circle K.

Why is fellowship so important to Circle K?
We know that when you come to the Auburn, it can be overwhelming. Circle K works to actively build lasting friendships to create a sense of community. Through our meetings, service projects, and committee events, we strive to make fellowship an integral part of this club.